Sunday, December 14, 2014

Miko at Twelve Months

-Miko can walk all around the house while pushing and holding onto his toddle truck
-He now has seven teeth
-Miko can put a ring onto is stacker and can put all four shapes into his shape sorter
-His Daddy taught him how to use a pull string
-Miko learned how to flush the toilet
-We finished our first parent and tot swim class
-Miko can turn all of the pages while I read him a book
-He learned how to rock back and forth on his 'bug' rocker. He needs help getting on but he can get off all by himself.
-Miko just learned how to scoop up food and feed himself with a spoon
-He is becoming more affectionate and will give hugs and kisses
Happy Birthday Miko! You make our world go round and we love you so very much! Each day is an adventure with you!

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