Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Road Trip to Vancouver

We took Miko on his first road trip last weekend. Our plan was very ambitious; drive to Vancouver and back in one day.  We wanted to go on a road trip but had limited space to work with in the car so we decided not to stay overnight at a hotel (babies have a lot of equipment!).  The reason we needed lots of space was because we had a sizeable shopping list of things to buy at Ikea.  Oh yes, our entire trip consisted of eating delicious Dim Sum and buying stuff for Miko's nursery. It was actually quite fun even though it took twice as long to get there.....  Ah well, we knew it was going to take longer, we just ended up getting home really late at night.
 Here we are at our first stop outside of Merit.  A very nice young man offered to take a family photo for us. We are very thankful because we don't get many pictures with all three of us.
Miko was great on the road, he slept well and was easy to entertain during his awake time.  We did have to make frequent stops for feedings and diaper changes, which was expected.

 The drive from Kelowna to Vancouver has so much beautiful scenery.

Here I am sitting in the back with Miko during his awake time.

 And nap time of course. 
 There was still snow up on the Coquihalla, we still had our winter tires on just in case.
 Here's another stop in Hope.  We wanted to let Miko stretch out his legs in the back.  We may or may-not have consumed McDonalds at this point ;)
 Here we are in Chilliwack.
 We treated this as a little 'test-run' to see how Miko would handle it. Luckily he was just as easy-going as he is at home.  He hung out at the restaurant with us and didn't make a peep. He also managed to take a nap while we were in Ikea. The only issue we had was that Miko was obviously  uncomfortable while we driving up or down large mountains. We realized it must have been because his ears were equalizing, which is understandable.
All in all it was a successful trip, we got everything we needed at Ikea and had just enough space in the car to fit it (and us) all inside for the drive home.  We got a crib, high chair, bed linens, some feeding supplies and also some toys for Christmas (I like to plan ahead!) There was definitely a high ratio of driving but next time we plan on staying overnight somewhere as it appears Miko doesn't mind traveling too much.

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  1. wow that must have been a long day! but can't get any better scenery for a road trip!