Sunday, April 13, 2014

Miko At Four Months

How Miko is Doing
-Miko weighs 17 pounds (!) and is 65 cm long
-His feedings are just as frequent as last month, still every couple hours during the day and anywhere between 1 and 7 hours at night
-He has mastered so many new skills in the past month its almost hard to believe
-Miko babbles and 'talks' to us all of the time.  I wake up to his sweet voice every morning.
-We have successfully transitioned Miko out of his swaddle and into his sleep sack
-Miko can now reach out and grasp objects on the first attempt, either with one or both hands. He can shake his rattle and mouth objects. His rainbow rings are officially his favourite toy at the moment.
-We have had many people comment on what a happy and easy-going baby he is. Luke and I couldn't agree more!  He is also quite the charmer as he has not yet developed stranger anxiety.
-Miko can support his head and loves to sit against our chests and look around.
-Miko is now too big for some of his 6 month clothes and is onto size 3 diapers according to the weight range!
-Tummy time is now fun for him, he sucks on his hands,moves his knees and kicks out his feet.  He has yet to move very far in this position though.

How I'm Doing
-Still trying to get a handle on my Psoriasis situation
-The amount of sleep I get every night is very manageable, I feel like a normal, rested human now :)
-I have decided that I need to buy a new bathing suit this summer - some sort of tankini thing that will be a little more forgiving in the tummy area
-We went on our first family road trip to Vancouver and Miko was amazing - such a trooper
-We had lots of visitors this past month, it was very good timing because Miko is so interactive now
-Books I've been reading: Millionaire Teacher,  and I'm still working on Sarum (it's going to take awhile)

Here are some more pictures I took during our 4 month photo shoot:

(alright Mom, that's enough pictures!)

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