Monday, January 13, 2014

Miko at One Month

How Miko is doing:
-Weighs 10 lbs now and has moved up to size 1 diapers. Has also started growing out of his 'newborn' clothes
-Absolutely loves his tub bath
-Started eating more frequently during the day (1.5-2.5 hour intervals) but sleeps longer at night time (3-4 hour intervals between feedings)
-Has a fussy/'I want to cuddle' time after his morning feeding and around dinner time
-Has an identifiable 'I'm pooing' face
-He is very strong and can hold his head up for relatively long periods
-His favourite place is against Mommy or Daddy's chest
-Studies objects with great interest (choco-cat, lights, our faces)

How I am doing:
- I weigh 121 pounds, 8 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I still have quite a belly! I certainly can't wait to begin exercising after I get the go-ahead from my Doctor next week.
-I've been dealing with hemorrhoids that have been keeping me up at night (which is really frustrating when the baby is sleeping so well!)
-Pain from surgery is now non-existent :)  I have been massaging my scar and the surrounding tissue every day
-I get between 6 - 8 hours of broken sleep every night
-I have only had one blocked duct so far and haven't had to use my nipple cream at all yet!
-We both avoided catching Luke's flu somehow :)

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