Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Family: My Word For 2014

It's probably not surprising that my word for this year has to do with the crazy life-changing bundle of joy that has recently joined our little family.  I couldn't imagine a word more suited to the year that stretches out before me.  I will be on maternity leave for 11 months of 2014.  My main focus will be to bond with our little baby, but I also want to figure out a family rhythm that works best for us, and to create meaningful family traditions that we can carry on for the years to come.

The word family is important to us in another way as well: extended family.  Unfortunately, we live quite far away from most of our relatives, and realize now how important it is to keep in touch by any means necessary.  Luckily for us, technology has lessened the gap immensely, and we now have the option of using skype, blogs, email and other resources to communicate with our dear family.  So, another goal of mine this year is to keep our family and friends up-to-date with tons of Miko related information.

I plan to do some monthly updates relating to my 'Family' goals and will also use this blog to record my general thoughts and feelings about my word for 2014.

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