Friday, January 25, 2013

New Things I Am Loving Around the House

Isn't this soap dish adorable?  I have had the hardest time finding the 'perfect' soap dish.... And I have confession to make. This is actually a cat food dish that I had every intention of giving to Circus.  Until I realized that it was EXACTLY what I was looking for in a soap dish, I hope Circus doesn't mind because I love it.
 I won this over the sink cutting board at our work Christmas party this year and I am wondering how I ever survived without it?  And, it forces me to keep the sink relatively empty, which is an added bonus, hehehe
 I just really liked this porcelain apple, and I think I may have a crafty idea up my sleeve for it
 I am loving the design and colour of my new backpack
 I finally found a nice rattan basket to corral all of my reusable shopping bags
I waited for the shadow boxes to go on sale at Michaels and finally spent the gift card that my sister gave me for Christmas.  I know this picture is blurry, but its the best I can do in the middle of winter around here (sigh).  As soon as I get some good natural light, I'll be sure to snap a better pic.

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