Sunday, December 23, 2012

Kids Christmas Party - Hosted by Flightcraft

I had the chance to help out with the Kids Christmas Party at work this year.  It was such a great decision, I really enjoy being around children at this time of year, they are so full of joy and excitement and it wears off on me :)  We had almost 70 kids this year, hence the massive pile of presents you see below:
And there was no shortage of sweets and treats
 I volunteered to be in charge of the craft section of course. Here's one of the many little projects the kids could make, gingerbread ornaments.  There was also a colouring station and many other craft kits to keep them busy while waiting for Santa to show up.
 Flightcraft went all out this year and I was impressed.  The 'Croc talk' guy was there with some real live turtles, baby turtles and other reptiles for the kids to engage with. There was also a sand art station that was extremely popular, and lots and lots of music, presents and treats!

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