Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Visit to the Christmas Tree Farm (Our Neighbours)

This year we decided to visit our neighbours and pick one of the beautiful trees we have seen growing from our windows for a long while.  Yes, our neighbours own a Christmas tree farm, which I admit is very convenient, but also very special.  For the entire month of Decemeber, I get to watch families excitedly choose the perfect tree.  It is such a treat to get to see people being joyful ,spirited and full of laughter, ready to embrace the Christmas cheer.
 That is Luke in the foreground and our house in the background.  See, we are literally right next to it, we could have hopped the fence even.
This is the tree we decided to take home with us, I'm a traditionalist and this was my favourite.  This tree is much more dense then what I am used to and was a joy to decorate. Oh and how our house smells of Christmas! It's always such a lovely side effect that I forget about.

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