Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day 2012 (now with comments)

I'm finally getting around to adding a few comments to this post :) 
 What a lovely sight on Christmas morning! In fact, we felt very loved, and even a little spoiled :)
Both of my 'guys' were very eager to start opening presents with me

We had a shrimp ring for breakfast, among other things like freshly cut pineapple, but that shrimp ring was so awesome, I think we started a new tradition.
Isn't he the sweetest little Santa?
Here's Luke trying on some hot paws from my parents
Circus was actually excited to get into his stocking for once because one of his presents was filled with catnip, wink wink.  Actually, he ruined his surprise by unearthing his catnip pouch a week early. It was hidden away among all my other stashed presents and I came home one day to find his pouch in the middle of the floor, covered in drool and teeth marks.  I was a little disappointed that I missed his first exposure to catnip but was very happy that Circus actually really liked his present, so much so that he sought it out and played with it all by himself. 

Unlike last Christmas, Circus completely ignored all of wrapping paper and instead concentrated on this ribbon.
Isn't this the cutest, most giggle-worthy wrapping job you've ever seen?
A lil' display of our stuff
Luke got his most wished for present:  a portable air compressor/on board air system for his Jeep.  Now he can pump up his tires wherever and whenever he needs to.
Girly Presents under the tree
Circus's Stash
Someone was very intrigued and yet at the same time very frightened by Luke's new remote control helicopter.
I just love these pictures so much! I feel like I successfully captured the feeling of joy and excitement of getting a new toy on Christmas morning. (Can't you just see the inner-child peaking through?)

A stockpile of treats and goodies under the tree.
This is the only picture from our Christmas dinner as I was trying not to go over board this year, hehehe. 

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  1. Wow Nicole what a winter wonderland. hugs from your mom.