Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Revelstoke Road Trip

While Luke's Mom was visiting we took a weekend road-trip to Revelstoke. The sole purpose was to get out and explore the gorgeous, snow-capped mountains that are only a few hours away from the Okanagan. It was a beautiful weekend, and the views certainly did not disappoint.

 We took some pictures at Rogers Pass, a popular tourist stop. Luckily for us we didn't have to worry about road-closures or avalanches at this time of year.

 We also stopped at a Ghost Town on the way, located in Three Valley Gap.  After discovering we had to pay to get inside, we took some pictures from afar and explored the cool old trains.

 I think it's kinda funny they paved the roads.... it just doesn't look right... although everything was immaculately taken care of.

 Luke liked that the train above is also from Toronto

 Choo-Choo :)

 This old wooden train car with the stained glass windows was my favourite.

 Wheeee, trains are so fun no matter how old you are!

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