Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ontario Trip - Mom and Dad's Cottage

I am so glad I had the chance to experience my parents cottage during the summer months. Boy does this cottage have character,  I just couldn't stop taking pictures!  We had wonderful weather which made the whole excursion even more perfect.  There was kayaking, fishing, paddleboating, swimming, movie watching and puzzle doing, everything that makes cottaging so much fun. :)
 Cool Carving in a tree stump
 Bonfire for roasting corn
 The Sauna
 The bunkie (this is where I slept for a couple of nights, it was so peaceful)
 The hammock
 The 'Lake' Sign, in case you get lost :)

 The cottage - as seen from the dock
 The boat house

 The Kayaks

 The dock

 My adorable Parents 

 That's me swimming - proof I was there!


 My sister taking pictures of the woodpecker
 Dinner at the picnic table

 The cottage - as seen from the lake

 Fishing Fun (even though I didn't catch anything)

 Interesting bathroom
 View from the loft
 Wall of Books and Games
 The cottage - as seen from the driveway

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