Thursday, November 24, 2011

Crafty Idea #7 - Dry Erase Menu Board

Here is a very quick craft I finished last weekend - a homemade dry-erase board.  I got the idea off of pinterest (surprise, surprise ;) and had all of the supplies already.  Basically, its just a picture frame with some scrapbook paper mod-podged onto it. 

I love quick and simple little crafts that allow you to 'customize' your item so that it fits your home. The colour scheme I chose matches my kitchen wonderfully!

Oh, and sorry for the increasing amount or dark and/or blurry pictures.... and it won't be getting better any time soon either.  I live in Canada, and that means that from October to January, its pitch-dark by 5: 00pm!!! This means any and all of the pictures I take during the week will no longer have the benefit of natural lighting... I find this quite sad.  I'm having such a hard time taking good pictures during the winter months, and yet there seems to be so much stuff I want to photograph....I've been trying to wait and take pictures on the weekends (which is why my posts aren't so evenly spaced anymore) but most of the days are overcast and grey.  It looks like one of my new photography challenges this season will be mastering this new winter environment :)  Wish me luck!

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