Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mission Hill Winery

When my family and friends come to visit me in Kelowna, no matter who it is, I always take them to Mission Hill Winery.  No visit to the Okanagan valley would be complete without a trip to a local winery, and in my opinion, Mission Hill has the most to offer and is by far my favourite.  The grounds are absolutely gorgeous, the architecture is unrivalled, their tours are wonderfully conducted and their wine shop is always bustling with activity.

This past weekend I took Luke and his Mom on the Heritage wine tour.  It was my FIFTH time, and I still loved every minute of it!  What made it extra special this time, was that I focused on trying to capture the beauty of the atmosphere with my camera.  I'm quite pleased with the results, but looking at pictures is only second-best to actually experiencing in person. I hope you enjoy :)

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