Friday, April 3, 2015

Bear Creek Park and Train

Miko and I visited Bear Creek Park for the first time yesterday. We were in the area anyway so we stopped by for a few hours since the weather was beautiful.
I had heard that there was a mini train ride so we went to check it out.  I wasn't even planning on riding it but it was only 5 dollars for the two of us. 
Miko has become obsessed with climbing and running about as fast as possible, so keeping him contained during the length of the ride was actually a little tough.
The train moved very slowly and even had a whistle.  And there was a tunnel to go though of course.

After our ride and a quick picnic snack, I let Miko loose in the playground.
Climbing up the slide is always his favourite thing to do

Oh, and those wood chips, can't forget about the wood chips.

I could push this little monkey on the swing all day, he makes the most adorable faces!

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