Monday, April 6, 2015

A Happy Easter

Fresh tulips

 Three little baskets

 Basket of eggs
 Miko's favourite item of the day was the Easter egg balloon, hands down!
 He actually liked wearing the ears and kept getting us to put them on if they fell off.
 He found a couple of eggs, he was soooo excited!  He would run over to Daddy of Mommy so that we could help him open them up.

 Digging through the contents of his easter basket
 I save these large Kinder egg containers every year and use them to store and hide large items.

 What's inside?

 Playing with new easter Lego
 Laughing at Daddy playing with the pinwheel

Daddy really liked his goodies too

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  1. Happy belated Easter Cole! I love Miko's yellow bunny ears. Looks like the Easter bunny left lots of goodies at your new home! So happy to see the pictures of you guys on here.