Saturday, November 15, 2014

Miko at Eleven Months

-Miko got his first cold this month, we also found out he doesn't mind getting eye drops

-My Nanna bought Miko his first sippy cup which he can drink out of by himself
-Miko can give kisses now (when he feels like it)
-He can also hold onto and eat an apple by himself
-Miko has been mastering some fine motor skills recently; he can put objects onto shelves, into boxes, he can nest his stacking cups and play his xylophone
-Oh and he is now cruising/stepping while holding onto furniture!
-Peek-a-boo is now fascinating for him. He covers up his face with a blanket or towel, then we say 'Where's Miko?"  and he giggles, rips the blanket off his face and yells
-He has so much hair now that it sticks up after he has a nap, it's pretty cute
-Miko still wakes up at least once during the night
-His favourite foods are banana, avocado, pasta and tomato sauce, olives, pickles, kiwi, oatmeal, toast with almond butter, squash soup and apples. He no longer likes green beans or cheese though...

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