Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Family Camping at Evely Recreation Site

This past weekend we went camping for the first time as a family of three. We had such a great time, it ended up going much more smoothly than I had anticipated. Miko never ceases to amaze us with his adaptability!

This new tent we purchased sure made our camping experience very comfortable. We had more than enough room for all of our stuff and Luke could even stand up and walk around inside.

We are very pleased with our decision to buy a new tent.  Hanging out inside together was actually enjoyable.

The screened in 'porch' area was useful as well. It provided shade and protection from bugs (although there weren't very many) so we put Miko's Pack n play in there during the sunniest parts of the day.

Evely is situated right on the shores of Okanagan Lake and almost all of the sites have access to the water. 
Luke got some practice wearing the Ergo while we went hiking on a near-by trail.
Miko stayed awake the whole time and seemed to enjoy the surroundings.

The weather was beautiful; not too hot, not too cold. Even though it called for rain we didn't feel a drop until we were driving home on Sunday.

The scenery was awesome and the whole campground was very peaceful. Everyone was very friendly and many commented on the fact that we had our little 5 month old with us. The camp host seemed to be quite taken with Miko.  At $14 a night we will definitely be returning to Evely again very soon.

This little guy was as easy-going as ever. He slept great, even better than at home! I did not sleep very well though, it turns out I am not very adaptable with my sleeping arrangements.

We bundled Miko up for the night with 2 extra layers (onesie, sleeper, sleep sack), covered him with a warm blanket and also put on his winter toque. He managed to sleep through the chirping birds and early sunrise at 4am. I wasn't so lucky...

It was a very relaxing camping trip. Camping with a baby is no problem as long as you are prepared. And yes, there was a LOT of stuff to bring.  I read a bunch of blog posts about camping with infants and toddlers which helped me feel more confident. I also started packing a few days before we left and decided it would be better to bring too much than not enough, especially for our first time.
Here are some of my favourite family camping resources:

I am so happy that this little guy seemed to enjoy himself, there will be much more camping in our future that's for sure!


  1. wow that is a big tent! you guys were camping in style and comfort!

    1. Yes, it felt very luxurious compared to our old tent! We are going again this weekend