Friday, May 30, 2014

Baby Led Solids

 Now that Miko is nearing his 6 month milestone we are slowly introducing him to solid food. After doing some reading and researching on the internet we decided to try 'baby-led solids' (also known as baby-led weaning).
 Instead of serving your baby pureed and mashed foods on a spoon, you let your little one have more control over how they eat. You serve up graspable portions of what you have already made for dinner and let your baby explore and experiment on his own terms. We are still very early in our baby-led solids journey, so for those who are curious, I suggest reading more about it on the following websites:
Here is a quick peak at Miko's first experience with solid food - asparagus. There definitely won't be much actual food consumption for a while but at least he is getting comfortable with different tastes and textures in his mouth. We're pretty excited as I'm sure you can tell from our commentary.

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