Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Christmas Decorating has Started...

 Now that I am officially off work on maternity leave, I have been spending a lot of time getting ready for Christmas.  We are such excited, first-time parents that we were prepared for the baby weeks ago. All of our equipment and supplies are ready, our hospital bags are packed, and I've read way too many pregnancy, labour and parenting books already.
 Most people who were born around Christmas tell me that it kind of sucks to have a birthday so close.  I've already been thinking of ways to make our little ones birthday special in the midst of all this holiday cheer.  I LOVE Christmas, so I think it is a magical time to have a birthday, but I can see how kids could feel overshadowed.  
 I'm loving the timing of my pregnancy and mat leave though, I am so glad I have lots of Christmas stuff to focus on and keep me busy.  My boredom would be much worse if I didn't have holiday decorating, baking, crafting, and gift buying to do.
 So here are the first of many decorating pics I will be sharing.  As you can see, the grey, overcast Okanagan winter has already rolled in.  I keep waiting for a sunny day to snap some nice pictures with natural light but I have a feeling I will be waiting for awhile...
 I'm just glad I have the Christmas lights and decorations up already to add some much needed colour and cheer.

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