Thursday, December 12, 2013

DIY Nursery Prints

I bought these frames for $2 at the dollar store, true, I had to coat them in four layers of white paint, but I was looking for something to do any way ;)  The frame on the left has some scrapbook paper from my collection and the frame on the right has an adorable, free printable that I found online.  You can click the link here.  

Now that I am on maternity leave, I am at home, bored, with lots of time on my hands and very little money.  This project was a perfect for me - very cheap, but it involved some time, creativity and I ended up with a pretty cute final product, just what I was looking for.

Not sure if anyone noticed, but I changed my blog layout for the first time since I started almost three years ago.  I think I like it, it was surprisingly hard to change for some reason...   I wanted something simpler, so I played around with the settings for a while.  It was fun and much-needed I think in hindsight.  I hope everyone likes it!

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  1. Hey Cole, I think the new white background is great! I can't wait to see baby pictures whenever you get a chance! I keep checking to see....Amanda