Sunday, April 1, 2012

Getting Ready for Spring (Where are you?)

Even though if doesn't feel like spring has come to the Okanagan yet, I am getting ready for a warm welcome (pun intended). I decided I needed a few new decorations and set to work. The wreath of branches you see below was purchased at 75% off after Easter last year. I had the idea to add origami butterflies after stumbling across an origami tutorial on-line (which you can see here).  They were extremely easy to make so it didn't take long to amass a collection of sweet little butterflies.  

A Close-Up

And I just had to include this little piece of art.... For the first time in years (yes years!) I was suddenly inspired to draw something.  It came out of nowhere and I just sat down and pumped these out in less than half an hour.  Now I remember how much I love to draw when I just do it for fun.  Oh and I have rekindled my love of using soft (chalk) pastels, they are so colourful and quick to use.

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  1. I am loving your spring wreath. The butterflies look awesome. Nice one! From cousin Manda.