Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nakusp Music Fest 2011

The reason I haven't posted in a week is because....I was having an awesome time in Nakusp BC this weekend! We spent four whole days listening to live music, eating some delicious (and slightly unhealthy) food, relaxing at the beach and generally just having a great time hanging out with all of the cool people who attended this event.

 My favourite performances this year were definitely the Doobie Brothers (man those guys can ROCK), Soul Asylum (the only band from my generation), Daniel Wesley, and Gary Hoey (I didn't know of either of these guys, but now I sure do).

One of the highlights of my weekend was getting to try deep fried pickle at the vendor village. I am a huge dill pickle fan as it is, but these golden fried beauties were absolutely amazing!  The crispness of the pickle was not lost at all during the frying process, and the batter itself was also flavoured with dill.  Too bad I was too busy enjoying them to remember to take a picture. :)

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