Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Anniversary My Love!

I know its a little late, but, Luke and I celebrated our anniversary on July first! Below you will find my tribute to my Luke, to our love, and to our life together:

Wow Luke, looking back at these pictures helps me remember all the amazing things we've experienced together already. And definitely gets me excited about all of the experiences we are going to have in the future! Luke, you mean the world to me and I love you more and more with every passing moment. I love you more than I ever thought humanly possible.  You have turned my life, and my world, into something so amazingly wonderful! I love you so much it makes my heart happier than I ever thought it could be. You make ME happier than I ever thought I could be.  I am just a bundle of love, joy and smiles and it just keeps getting better!  I LOVE you baby!

Here are some of the many reasons I love you sooooo much:

   You have mastered many useful manly skills that I do not have  (We really compliment each other ;).
   You used said skills to make a custom mountain bike just for me..... and it is awesome.

  You are an amazing cook!  Your love for preparing food is very inspiring.
  Watching you cook was one of the main reasons I fell in love cooking (after years of hating it)

You don't mind being the driver.... in fact, you really like it, which is fine with me ;)

 You can use many tools with ease, including: Axes

  And Chainsaws

 Oh, and you can grow a really sweet beard

  You love Circus as much as I do.  You two seriously make my heart want to burst when you are together.

 And here are some of the awesome things we have done together in the past year or so:
 We went to the Vancouver Olympics together

We went on many hiking and geocaching trips

   We painted and moved into our perfect little rental house

  We went to the Nakusp Music Festival  (and bought cowboy hats together)

   We've been 4bying more times than I could ever keep track of!

   We've done lots of camping....

   And we just can't get enough boating!

   And we go mountain biking as much as we possibly can, including driving to Whistler!

   -I love you Luke, I love you so very much, I just can't seem to say it enough! ...........
  ............................................(I love you)

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