Tuesday, May 3, 2016

BrickCan 2016 - My First Lego Convention

I recently attended my first Lego conference after becoming an AFOL last fall. BrickCan was absolutely amazing, especially since it was the first of (hopefully) many more to come. The four days just flew by and I'm still so filled with inspiration and motivation from all of it.  

That's 'The Wall' from Game of Thrones up there, which one the People's Choice award. Congrats guys!  That wall sure has a presence!
 Birds eye view of the show floor.
 Huge pirate scene from the Abbotsford LUG
 This was my favourite MOC of the show, I love steampunk and movement - although I am very intimidated by technic and motors.... You can't tell from this pic, but the waterfall 'falls' down the cliff, the elevator lift on the left goes up and down, and the water on the ground moves with waves!  Congrats Ray for winning best in Show!
 This is one of my all-time favourite collaborative MOC's.  Alice Finch has been an inspiration to me since I came out of my Dark Ages.
 I participated in my first Speed-build contest and also my first 'Draft'.  Both were extremely enjoyable!
 Some of the creations were just huge in their size and scope, next year I am going to go bigger!
 That's my Elves treehouse MOC on the left, quite small but I love it.
 This tree still blows my mind... so beautiful
 This is the VLC's group MOC that we submitted, such a great idea and collaborative effort!  My classroom is there, along with many other rooms, I was so proud to be a part of it.
 This beauty was crafted by Anuradha Pehrson - My new source of inspiration!  I just love her style, her use of colour, and interesting architecture.
 I took Miko with me on the last day so he could have some fun in the kids area.

And of course he had to try cotton candy for the first time ;)

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