Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sensory Play with Flour (at 12 months)

When Miko started sitting up by himself I introduced a few sensory activities that he enjoy. He played with flour and water and was intensely interested in both.  
 Six months later I decided to introduce flour again to see how much his skills and curiosity have blossomed.
 Miko was much more deliberate and careful with his hands.

 He smiled a LOT, but also had that intense look of concentration.

 This time Miko was not content to just sit and play in the flour box, he wanted to manipulate the box itself. He picked it up and dumped out some flour and moved the piles around the floor with his hands.  It was much messier this time around!
 He enjoyed the feel of the flour in his hands.
 Of course he had to give it a taste test!
 For the grand finale, he decided to get right inside the box of flour.
Once I gave in to the mess we both had so much fun!

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