Monday, May 6, 2013

We're Engaged!

We traveled to Vancouver island last week for the first time.  It was also our first vacation together to anywhere other than Ontario.  Usually we use all of our vacation days visiting our family, but this year be both have 3 weeks of vacation so we went somewhere special, just the two of us.  It was a lovely, relaxing and romantic getaway, but I will post more about the trip shortly... This is the story of our engagement.

Luke and I did things a little differently than most, we picked out my engagement ring together and both shared the expense.  So, I knew that we had a ring picked out and ordered but I didn't know when it was going to happen....  Unfortunately, Luke found out that the ring would not be ready in time for our trip and let  me know. We were both a little disappointed but we didn't let it hinder our excitement about our trip.

One day while we were in Tofino, we got a tip from a local about an amazing hiking trail that led down to the ocean.  The hike did not disappoint, it was a full hour of climbing through a dense jungle forest.  We were literally climbing up roots, walking across fallen logs and jumping across streams.  The trail ended at a secluded beach cove on the Pacific Ocean.  It was a beautiful day and we were all alone.

Little did I know that Luke had a little secret up his sleeve :)  He knelt down in the sand and I knew right away what was happening.  It was such a beautiful moment, in such a perfect setting at just the right time.  Everything was as wonderful as I could have imagined it.  He proposed to me with another symbolic piece of  jewelry, something that was very special and also very fitting to the setting we were in.  He slipped a hand painted wooden bracelet on my arm that was covered in gorgeous Haida art.  He had purchased it secretly a few days before at the Royal BC Museum and used it in place of the ring that we knew was on its way. I am so glad he was creative and thoughtful and took advantage of such a special moment even though we didn't have 'the ring'.  Its about so much more than that, and we both knew it.

The ring arrived today, and we were both so excited to get it on my finger after all :)  So here are a few pictures we wanted to share with everyone!


  1. Cole, what a beautiful ring and beautiful story you can share with people now and down the road....I am so excited for you! Love, Amanda

  2. I love the ring it is just perfect for you!
    I'm so happy and excited for you guys :)