Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Luke's first Ride - A photo series

 I promised Luke I would document his first ride by taking loads of pictures and then posting them on my blog. Easy-peasy I say, as I would have done it any way ;)  

 Here is a tiny portion of the tools/liquids/tapes and other items that are needed when preparing the bike for its first ride.
 How's this for being organized!  What a great idea :)

Here it is 'naked'.  Luke took off the fairings to give it a good cleaning. He also customized the back of the bike with a new brake light and turn signals. I really like how he makes things 'his own' right away :)

 Circus seems to enjoy hanging out near the bike. He is always next to it, either smelling it, or sitting in the shade it creates on a hot day

 This list makes me so proud!!!  I guess I'm rubbing off on him :)

 The view from the cockpit

Isn't his helmet cool?  I was a little taken aback at first, but it is quite awesome in person I must admit. The helmet has a name = 'head trip', which is really suiting.
  It says 'live fast' in case you can't make it out

 Luke is super-excited here..... although he toned it down for the photo. 

 Circus getting one last sniff in while he can



I felt like I was a proud Mom taking pictures of my little one without training wheels for the first time. And he was just as excited.

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