Sunday, June 5, 2011

Whistler Trip 2011

We just got back from Whislter!!! Now with comments :)

We took both wheels off of our bikes and managed to fit everything into my little mazda

Don't be fooled by these photos, I only drove for about an hour of our trip

Some breathtaking views from the Sea to Sky Highway

Thanks for driving baby!

Me as the co-pilot

This is the backside of 'The Chief' in Squamish: A massive rock face with over 50 different rock climbing routes.  

This was the view from our balcony at the Blackcomb Lodge and Spa. Little did we know that our room backed onto one of the most popular plazas in Whistler Village.  It was pretty exciting at first, but we changed our minds after being woken up numerous times by drunk people screaming in the streets until 4:00 in the morning....

The Whistler half marathon kicked off at 8:00 am the next morning, we awoke to the sounds clapping, cheers and cow bells.  

I had to snap a picture of our awesome bathroom, the colours/design/decoration really mesh with my style

Our Studio Suite had a full kitchen, including a dishwasher, in fact, you could bake a turkey if you wanted (as the girl at the front desk informed us). We only used it for one meal, breakfast, which Luke is diligently making in this picture.

I guarded the bikes while Luke got us some coffee at 'Garbnzo bike and bean' A perfect combination in my opinion!

There is still so much snow that the higher altitude runs look perfectly ridable on a snowboard. 

Very excited and eager to make our first run

Here I am about half way up blackcomb mountain.  In a few weeks, when more of the snow has melted, the rest of the mountain opens up and there will be even more trail to ride.

Luke is wearing his newly acquired Leatt neck brace that we picked up in Chilliwack on the drive out.

Me riding 'Crank it Up'

 I really loved this trail because it had a ton of berms and rollers and it reminded me of Silver Star

A tourist took this picture of us together about half way through our day of riding

This type of lift chair is interspersed throughout the lift line so that everyone's bike makes it to the top as well

Please click on this picture to enlarge it so that you can marvel at Luke's awesome skills.  Luke is jumping off of a rock face right at the end of the trail where everyone can watch.  It should be noted that we did not co-ordinate this. I happened to see him finishing his run while I was waiting at the bottom and was able to get a picture of this cool moment. The camera was fully zoomed, but if you look closely at the enlarged picture you can see how stylish he looks in the air.

Whislter Village almost looked empty when I took this picture, don't let this picture fool you, normally the village is packed.  So .....Where was everyone???  Hmmmmm, Why watching the Canucks game of course!  Game 2 of the Stanely Cup finals kicked off about half an hour before I took this picture so most people were inside watching the game.

We stopped at this amazing viewpoint on our drive home, it was located between Whislter and Squamish

This is one of my all-time favourite pictures of Luke

 'The Cheif' Again 

Here's a street view so you can appreciate the massive scale of this thing

This is the only picture I managed to get of Vancouver

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