Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My First (photo worthy) Bento

One of my new interests is the art of bento making.  And don't let my newbie bento fool you, bento's can be works of art! is an amazing site that served as the catalyst for my new obsession.  I have come to realize that bento making is ridiculously fun and rewarding, and  it helped me learn to enjoy cooking, which is something I never though I could do! 

A bento box is basically a lunch box, and that is one of the only requirements for 'bento'.  There are lots of different types of bento boxes and foods you can put in them, its all about being creative.  My goal when making a delicious bento box, is to include a variety of foods that are colourful, healthy, easy to make and easy to store.  Recently, as my confidence has grown, I've been including a lot more ethnic and asian foods in my bentos.  I'm sure I will be posting many more bento pictures in the future :)

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